Gamran Ball
Gamran Ball

Gamran Ball Ginza

Gamran Ball

Pasela's Darts Bar

Even beginners can enjoy playing darts at our store!
Along with meals and party games,
Enjoy your darts!



All days 18:00 - 5:00 the next morning

"Great value" campaign

\Maximum of 1 person free/
Great value for 6 or more people!
Great deal for your birthday!
What's more, you'll get a 20% rebate just for visiting the store!

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Matches scheduled to be broadcast

[Matches currently accepting reservations]

[U-23 Japan National Team International Friendly Match]
7/17 (Wed) 28:05~Japan VS France

[Paris International Convention]
7/24 (Wed) 26:00~Japan vs Paraguay
7/27 (Sat) 28:00~Japan vs Mali
July 30th (Tue) 28:00~ Japan vs Israel 🏉Rugby🏉

[International matches]
7/21 (Sun) 14:05~Japan vs Italy

[Paris International Convention]
7/24 (Wed) 25:00~Japan vs New Zealand
7/24 (Wed) 28:00~Japan vs Ireland
July 25th (Thu) 23:00~ Japan vs South Africa 🏀Basketball🏀

[Paris International Convention]
7/27 (Sat) 20:30~ Germany vs Japan
7/30 (Tue) 24:15~Japan vs France
8/2(Fri) 18:00~ Japan vs Brazil 🏐Volleyball🏐

[Paris International Convention]
7/27 (Sat) 16:00~Japan vs Germany
7/31(Wed) 20:00~ Japan vs Argentina ⚾️Baseball⚾️

[All-Star Game 2024]
July 23rd (Tue) 18:30~
July 24th (Wednesday) 18:30~

You can watch the game without making a reservation!
You can enjoy watching sports.
We recommend making a reservation for popular matches!

*Broadcast schedules may change at short notice, so please contact the store before making a reservation.

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▼Spectator Pack▼

〇 ¥3,500 / person (all-you-can-drink until the end of the game)
〇¥1,000 / person
(Seat fee until the end of the game + 1 drink included)

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Gamran Ball Ginza is
This is a darts bar in Ginza, located a 3-minute walk from Ginza Station.
In addition to darts, you can also watch sports on the large screen monitor and hold private parties.

  • darts
    All darts machines
    are free setting!
    All-you-can-throw and
    drink package system
    A luxurious adult space with sparkling chandeliers.
    All-you-can-throw darts, choose your favorite plan♪
    You can watch
    sports on a
    large monitor
    Equipped with a total of 5 high-definition
    large projectors and large TVs!
    Leave it to us for watching a variety of sports!
  • wine
    Private parties
    available for
    large groups
    Wedding receptions, social gatherings,
    launch parties, welcome parties,
    We can also accommodate large groups
    for private parties such as farewell parties
    and various other events!


All-you-can-throw darts, all-you-can-drink,
This is an inclusive package that includes seating charges.

soft drinks

  • Mon-Thurs
  • 1hour ¥1,500
    (tax included)
  • 2 hours
    (tax included)
  • Fr. to Su., days before holidays
    and holidays
  • 1hour ¥1,800
    (tax included)
  • 2 hours
    (tax included)

Standard all-you-can-drink

  • Mon-Thurs
  • 1 hour
    (tax included)
  • 2 hours
    (tax included)
  • Fr. to Su., days before holidays
    and holidays
  • 1 hour
    (tax included)
  • 2 hours
    (tax included)

All-you-can-drink +
3 meals included

  • Mon-Thurs
  • 1 hour
    (tax included)
  • 2 hours
    (tax included)
  • Fr. to Su., days before holidays
    and holidays
  • 1 hour
    (tax included)
  • 2 hours
    (tax included)

Extension fees are ¥750 (tax included) per person
for every 30 minutes of each course.



Gamran Ball Ginza is fully equipped with a large screen and projector!
Baseball, soccer, basketball,
Rugby, extreme sports,
We broadcast a variety of programs including motor sports!!

Please tell us what you want to see!
Broadcast schedule is being updated from time to time!

Click here for the broadcast scheduleright arrow



Enjoy a sophisticated evening in a luxurious space with spacious sofa seats!


Store name Gamran Ball Ginza
Telephone number 0120-759-172
Address 6-13-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Pasela Resorts Ginza 2F
[Important: To customers sending luggage]
nearest station

[Marunouchi Line, Ginza Line, Hibiya Line]
3 minutes walk from Ginza Station, Exit A3

[Toei Asakusa Line/Hibiya Line]
1 minute walk from Higashi-Ginza Station, Exit A1

[JR] 8 minutes walk from the central exit of Yurakucho Station

[JR] 10 minutes walk from Ginza ticket gate at Shinbashi Station

[Toei Mita Line, Chiyoda Line, Hibiya Line]
10 minutes walk from Hibiya Station, Exit A2

Along Miyuki Street


All days 18:00 - 5:00 the next morning

*Business hours may vary depending on the venue's charter.
★Private parties outside business hours
We also accept reservations for darts tournaments.
Please feel free to contact us.
  • Darts DARTSLIVE II 5 units
  • Table tennis 1 unit
  • Simulation golf 1 unit
  • Free shisha rental available
PRICE Time charge system OPEN~CLOSE
¥750 per person/30 minutes
  • All-you-can-throw darts and drink
  • All-you-can-eat snacks and more!
Average price: ¥3,000 - ¥3,500
smoking Heated cigarettes and electronic cigarettes allowed (there is a smoking room on the same floor)
*Customers under the age of 20 are not permitted to enter the store in accordance with the revised Health Promotion Act.

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